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Limited Offer – Wild Rose

Happy to share with you that our friends at DAKATAMA are offering a limited time offer on their Wild Rose canvas print.

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In the summer when the small white to pink flowers of the Symphoricarpos plant are in bloom, it is quite evident, when taking a close up look of the clustered blooms, that they are of the honeysuckle family. Snowberry plants or shrubs as they are commonly known can be grown in the Zone 4 gardens of Alberta. This according to most gardening books and garden centers.

In their natural setting, the white fruit of these deciduous shrubs serve as feed for game birds such as grouse, quail and pheasant. These berries should not be ingested by people as they may cause signs of vomiting and dizziness.

Indian Summer

This has to be my favorite season. The colours in the landscape are awesome. Everywhere there are hues of green, gold and red. My dad would have called this wonderful fall weather we are having an Indian Summer. A time when the gardens and grains could be harvested before the cold and snow rears its head. Warm days – but not real hot – and cool nights with a hint of frost.