If you have your own Rhubarb plant, you know that the bright pink buds start poking their nosed through the dirt soon after the frost is gone and the ground is warm. Usually by the first part of June in our part of the country you can have your first feed of Rhubarb. From then until the first frost in the fall, you can have fresh fruit whenever you choose.  Harvesting and freezing throughout the summer for future use when the snow flies.

Growing up, I never cared for Rhubarb Pie. I think the reason had to do with the bottom crust being kind of smooshy and soggy. If the Rhubarb was really juicy and there wasn’t a thickener put into the pie, it could end up Rhubarb soup in a pie shell. Yeck!

A warm Fruit Crisp made with Rhubarb and served with ice cream is and was a favorite. And, Rhubarb recipes from the past can be fun to make as well.


White Rain

Snow storm in March
Spring Time in Alberta

This is spring? Six inches of snow and a blizzard goes along with the moaning and groaning by all who thought we were on our way to spring.

In this country, spring means snow, sun, melting, mud and quite possibly more snow and of course, rain. Mother Nature’s signs are pointing to spring. Lighter jackets are seen on those out for a walk; and, longer days thanks to the change to day light saving time. The birds are noisy as ever although the first viewing of a robin has yet to happen. The geese are starting to come into the lake. Some will stay here for the summer while others will continue on their journey north. It has been a few weeks since the calendar announced the first day of spring. So for now, with the end of the winter solstice gone but a few weeks, we wait patiently, knowing that even when it says it is spring and the signs ever increase, there is a constant watch of the sky for Mother Nature’s white rain a.k.a. snow.


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