Nature provides an abundance of material for making natural crafts. Photo from Country Woman Magazine

Crafts from Nature

enjoy mother natures bounty

Nature provides an abundance of material for making natural crafts. Photo from Country Woman Magazine


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Lavender is a versatile plant to make many crafts from. Lavender Baskets

Fresh lavender stocks are used for these aromatic baskets. When harvesting lavender to make your baskets do so on a dry day and in the morning when the flowers on the lavender plant are not quite open. Cut the bloom stocks as long as possible below the flower head.

Trim all stocks to the same length and tie with cotton thread just under the flower heads. Tie firmly, but not so tight that you cut into the stocks. Carefully bend the stems back over the flower heads. Space the stocks evenly to form a basket. Again, tie the stocks as close to the flower heads as possible. Hang to dry in a warm place out of direct sunlight or heat. When dried, tie a ribbon over the treads holding the stocks together creating a loop to be used to hang your basket in a closet, on a coat hanger or to lay in a drawer.

You can refresh your lavender basket with a few drops of lavender essential oil shown below.

If you have already harvested and dried your lavender or have lavender you would like to use, make our Lavender Sachets

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

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