Nature provides an abundance of material for making natural crafts. Photo from Country Woman Magazine

Crafts from Nature

enjoy mother natures bounty

Nature provides an abundance of material for making natural crafts. Photo from Country Woman Magazine


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Lavender is a versatile plant to make many crafts from. Scented Waters, Infusions & Decoctions

Rose petals, lemon, rosemary, marjoram, orange, pennyroyal, lavender and basil are only a few of the materials that form a base for scented waters. Waters that can be added to your bath or even used to fill finger bowls to wash up after eating ribs and wings. Some scented waters are called infusions or decoctions. No matter the name, all are easy to make.

Scented Waters
To make scented water from flowers use one ounce of fresh OR one half ounce of dried petals and one cup of boiling water. Place petals in a glass sealer jar and pour hot water over the flowers. Cover and leave for one hour. Strain and bottle. Any flower scented water can be enhanced by mixing one or two drops of essential oils to the mixture just prior to bottling. Alternatively, one tablespoon of essential rose oil and eight cups of distilled water will make a stronger scented rose water. Bottle, shake well and leave for approximately one week before using.

Added to the bath water, infusions can be soothing and relaxing, envigorating or even help those tired muscles. To make your infusions, use one ounce of fresh or one half ounce of dried herbs and two cups of boiling water. Pour water over herbs, cover and leave until cool, strain and bottle.

Simmer for 30 minutes in a covered saucepan, six tablespoons of chopped, fresh or three tablespoons of dried herbs with two cups of water. Remove from heat, leave covered to cool, strain and bottle.

NOTE: Do not put herbs directly into your bathwater as they will stick to you and your bathtub. Create a scented water using the methods above and add to bath while running the water. The strength of scent you desire will be determined by the amount of scented water you add.

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