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The Amaryllis

One of the few guarantees in life is if you acquire an amaryllis bulb, it will bloom. What then?

Their large, exotic blossoms are so appealing that we force them to grow out of their natural tropical spring flowering season. November and December seem to be the months you typically find the magnificent Amaryllis adorning the local shops. Choices in size range from miniatures upwards to nine inch blooms. The bulbs offered may have double blooms, are in a multitude of colors, and may even have stripes. Alone or displayed in groups, they bring glorious life to any room.

Include your children in the delight of growing these luxurious flowers. Following our guide- lines, your bulb will give you results in a very short time.

1. Soak the roots for approximately one hour before potting.
2. Using a pot that is about two inches wider than the bulb put down a base of soil a few inches deep and firmly tamp down.
3. Place the bulb in the center of the pot, adding soil and making sure the neck of the bulb sticks up above the soil.
4. Using your fingers, firm the soil around the bulb.
5. Water thoroughly.
6. Keep in a warm, bright spot and rotate often.

Your amaryllis has now bloomed and the fabulous flowers are fading. Do you throw it out or will it bloom again? With a little nurturing, your investment can become a perennial.

If you are lucky enough to have another growth appear after flowering, you can either cut or break the new bulb and its greenery off from the parent bulb. It is very important to keep a handful of roots attached. Pot them as directed and you have just doubled your investment!

To nurture your new perennial to bloom again, make sure you pinch the flower off as soon as they start to wither and droop. When it finishes flowering cut the stock back to a height of two to four inches. Keep it in a sunny spot and water when the soil becomes dry. Fertilize once or twice a month with a balanced soluble fertilizer. In the spring, when it warms up and there is no risk of frost, put the plant outside in the full sun and continue to water when dry and feed it. When the cold weather approaches and before the first frost stop watering and feeding. Better yet, lay it on its side so it doesn't get any natural moisture at all. Remove the foliage only after it dies and turns yellow. Bring your potted bulb inside before the first frost and keep in a cool, dark, dry place at about 50 - 60 degrees. The cycle begins again in November when you bring your plants out and resume feeding and watering.

Be patient. If babying your amaryllis through this dormant period doesn't produce blooms for you in the first year, give it another chance. These beautiful investments are worth it.

Amaryllis bulbs are considered seasonal and may not be available throughout the year.

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