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Great Gift!
Quilted Checkerboard Game

Great gift idea! Quilted Checkerboard game.

Cross stitch book marks to keep your place

Cross Stitch Kits

Lap Quilts can be used as wallhangings as well.

Hand-Made Quilts

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Our grandmothers made items like quilts, knitted garments and prepared preserves or baked out of necessity. They did not have the books, the Internet and craft stores with every kind of supplies imaginable available to them.

Craftin' is what we so lovingly call this passion for all types of creativity. It is a part time hobby for some and for others it is a full time business. No matter where you fit in, you are amongst millions who are carrying on traditions that were started hundreds of years ago.

At Comfy Country Creations we are very diverse in the types of crafts we enjoy partaking in. What ever you are interested in, we will endeavor to keep your passion alive

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