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Reindeer craft pattern
Make our Reindeer napkin holder

Reindeer craft pattern
Preserve your own flowers

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Special Occasions

A special occasion? You want to do something a little different to decorate your buffet table? Try one of these simple centerpieces.

Tea Light Fruit

Choose fruits that will sit firmly on the table.

 Apples and tea light candles Wash and dry large apples. Quantity is your choice. Using a tea light candle for a pattern, score either the top or the bottom of the apple. Carefully cut deeper. At least the depth of the tea light and remove the fruit from the hole. Rinse with lemon juice to prevent browning. Place a tea light candle in the hole and light just before your guests arrive.

Choose well rounded, firm, medium to large fruit. Cut in half. Scoop out the orange, pulp, and first layer of white pith. This will leave you a dry, white interior. Fill almost to the top with table salt or fine white sand and level off. Add a bit of color by using colored sand. Remove tea light from its holder (if it has one) and gently twist into the center of the salt/sand. Continue the process for the other half of the orange.

**BONUS** Vegetables and other types of fruit work just as well. **NOTE** Using scented candles may interfere with the wonderful aromas coming from your prepared food.

 Unique flower holders to decorate your table. Pinecones & Seashells

This jumble of pinecones, seashells and raffia is most versatile. It easily fits into any time of year or can be dressed up for that special occasion. Tuck silk poinsettias and small Christmas balls in amongst the cones for Christmas or dried roses and bits of lace for Valentines. Dried or silk flowers of any kind along with some accenting coloured ribbons for Mother's Day, Bridal or Baby Shower. Dried or silk Easter Lilies combined with coloured jelly beans for Easter. Use raffia in school colours as an accent for your game party.

 Unique flower holders to decorate your table. Flower Holders

Film It
For a subtle arrangement, use empty film canisters. These are perfect for flowers that have strong stems and large heads such as gerberas, tulips, daisies or even small dahlias. Fill each canister 3/4 full with water and put one flower head in each. To display, place in a meandering fashion on your buffet table OR in a cluster in the center of the table OR combine with short pillar candles to create your own style. By using individual flowers, this allows you the versatility to have a single or multicolor theme

Pepper Pots
Pepper Pots For this project, select firm bell peppers that will sit solidly on their tops. Choose colours that will enhance your theme. Multi colors for a Mexican flavor, red and green for Christmas, yellow for Easter, orange for Thanksgiving. Wash and polish the peppers. Turn the pepper upside down. Use a sharp paring knife to puncture the peppers, make small holes in the knobby end. Once the perforations have been made, hold the pepper under running water until full. Wipe off and ensure they will stand freely on their own. Cut flowers like carnations and freesias to 1 1/2 times the height of the pepper. Insert into the holes and place on your table.

Leaves for all Occasions

 Unique flower holders to decorate your table. Our Leaves For All Occasions pattern is the start of these table accents. Use dried apple, dried orange and brown leaves. Fruit is glued to one side of the leaves. Wrap it around your wine glass and place the napkin in the glass.

 Unique flower holders to decorate your table.

Complete your table with our matching leaves napkin holder.

 Unique flower holders to decorate your table.

The "Leaves For All Occasions" pattern is once again used to create this Tea Light Holder. Using fall colors, we have cut three full leaf patterns, overlapped them and tucked them into a 1 3/4" clay garden pot. Nestled in the middle is a tea light candle in its metal cup. Use red and white felt to make a Christmas or Valentines Holder and school colors to create holders for reunions or sporting events. Reindeer craft pattern

Yes you can even make this fun Rudolph the Reindeer from our "Leaves" pattern. An added welcome to your Christmas Buffet!

 Unique flower holders to decorate your table. Flea Market Find

This solid silver tankard was a flea market find. Combining tree boughs, real or imitation, raffia, Christmas ribbon and a few cinnamon sticks we created a small centerpiece that can hold a candle, wrapped candies, candy canes or whatever your imagination desires. The adornment is made separately and can be removed to add items for other occasions. Suggested ideas include attaching a small Easter animal to the handle along with some ribbon in spring colors - fill with Easter candies; use scraps of lace and ribbon to make a colorful Valentine bow or leave as is, and fill with wrapped candies.
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Pomanders - a truly unique centerpiece.

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These crafts are for the purpose of sharing only and not for purposes of reselling.
Please send your favorite Craft from the Kitchen to Comfy Country Creations.