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There are many ways to add warmth and beauty to your rooms with a quilt. Draping it over your loveseat on the porch, (as shown above) presents an invitation to relax and cozy up with a good book.

Quilts can be used as warming accents to any room in the house.

For homes that have high ceilings and lofts, hanging your quilt over the stair railing creates a warm atmosphere.

Easy to finish decorating a room with hand-crafted quilt as the main focus. Adding a quilt to a den invites relaxing in.

   Simple color accents with your quilt    as the focus keeps a bedroom    elegant and warm.

Tips on Displaying Your Quilts

Quilts that are to be displayed as a wall hanging, should have a sleeve attached to the back to the quilt to facilitate a rod. Avoid direct sunlight or continual artificial light.

When showing off your quilt on a quilt rack or wooden shelf, place a double piece of washed unbleached muslin between the wood and the quilt. This may not be necessary if the wood has been sealed.

Tabletops are another popular place to display your quilt. For protection, cover with glass or plexiglass cut to fit the shape of the table.

Air regularly to prevent mold and mildew.

Also reposition the quilt often to keep permanent creases from forming.

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How to Care for Your Quilt