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Comfy Country Creations features Hank Turney with his needlepoint tapestries.

Hank Turney

 Comfy Country Creations welcomes crafters and artists to display their work.

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Our site is dedicated to both genders. Craftin' and Cookin' know no boundaries. Browse through Comfy Country Creations Gallery and see what our friends have been up to.

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Needlepoint Tapestries

by Hank Turney and Rachel DeCaria

Needlework Tapestries Gallery presented by Comfy Country Creations

"I grabbed the bull by the horns and said I would give it a try" relates Hank on finishing the 24" x 36" Roses his sister had started. "I just bought a book on how to and went at it."

Rachel DeCaria and Hank Turney

Needlework Tapestries Gallery presented by Comfy Country Creations

The Materhorn "took about 14 months to complete".

by Hank Turney

Powel River BC

Canvas and wool is purchased separately with costs running from $50.00 (CND) and up with framing costs additional. Hank would recommend this as a hobby for others and rates it a 6 on a scale of 1-10 for ease of doing.

Hanks tip for storing all of the wool needed for various projects
" I use a large plastic bin with a lid and put the colors I have in ziplock baggies by groups of 10 color codes. I have set up an inventory on the computer so I know what I have on hand for ordering."

Needlework Tapestries...Deer


by Rachel DeCaria

Needlework Tapestries...Deer


Hank Turneys current
work in progress.

Thanks Hank and Rachel for sharing with us your beautiful work!

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