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Scented Neck Pillows

Heated, scented neck pillows can give relief to sore, aching muscles while soothing the soul. Drape it around your neck, lay it across your back, or slip it between the sheets to warm the bed before retiring for the night. They are easily made and can be filled with grains or add some herbs and spices for a tranquil aroma.

Since these pillows are usually not very washable, our recommendation is to make a pillow as well as a cover. That way, you can remove the cover for laundering and allows you to air the bag out while doing so.


Use good quality 100% muslin for the bag. With pinking shears, cut two pieces of material, 24 inches by 16 inches. The bag will be a double thickness. Place muslin pieces on top of each other and fold in half long ways. Fabric should now measure 24" x 8". Sew together, using 5/8" seam allowance and leaving approximately 2" open at one of the 8" ends. Set aside.


Several types of fillings is available. Most commercial pillows will have wheat or other grains in them. Rice is another filler that is used as well as herb flowers, the most common being lavender and spices such as cinnamon and cloves. Do not use corn kernels, as these may pop when you heat up your bag.

For the size of pillow in these instructions mix with filler - half to three quarters of a cup of lavendar. Mix well. Pour into bag and sew the remaining two inches closed. NOTE (1)(2) - half a cup of crushed cinnamon bark and two tablespoons of crushed whole cloves. Mix well. Pour into bag and sew the remaining two inches closed. NOTE (1)(2) - two to three tablespoons from any of our recipes for herbal pillows and sachets


Use material such as cotton flannel, cotton, or a cotton poly blend for the case. It should be a fabric that will launder easily, will not shrink and is pleasing to the touch. Cut one piece of material 30 inches by 20 inches. Fold in half lengthways with good side of material facing each other. Sew one end the open side using 5/8 inch seam allowance. NOTE (3) Clip corners and turn seams to the inside. Press. Press the remaining open edge 1/4 inch, towards the inside of the case. Fold edge again, press and sew down. Still leave case open. For closure of the case, use three or four large press fasteners, velcro, or create a casing in the open end and thread a piece of ribbon through to tie it shut.

To heat your pillow, lay it in the microwave for one and a half to two minutes per side on a medium high heat. As the bag heats, the scent from within will get stronger. NOTE (4)

Caution should be taken when applying the bag to bare skin. The grains will get quite warm and it is not recommended to use a heated pillow for young children and babies.

  1. Fill the bag firmly to approximately four to six inches from the top. This will allow the filling to mould around the body parts as needed.
  2. When making a bag with a cover, it is not necessary to turn the seam edges to the inside of the bag unless you so choose. If the material has been cut with pinking shears, this will leave a nice edge and hand sewing is not needed to close the hole.
  3. The case should be approximately one inch larger than the bag when finished.
  4. Consider the quantity of scent you add to your bag, carefully. It does emit a stronger odor when heated and may not be pleasing to smell if too much is added.

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