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Wreaths, a little bit of history

 Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath makingWreaths have been used to decorate further back in time than our memories allow. Diadems as they were called in the historical cultures of Persia was derived from the Greek word diadem, which means a thing bound around. Symbolizing royalty and worn around the brow of a royal bonnet, diadems were bands of fabric. The Greeks used leaves to make head garlands that were awarded as prizes during the Greek Olympics. Even Julius Caesar wore a wreath. As time evolved, other countries were creating headdresses or crowns. Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making It was in the fifteenth century that the working class began wearing wreaths to honor religious holidays and commemorate different occasions.

Mother Nature's abundance of plant life was the natural outlet of supplies. There are very few ancient cultures that did not pay homage to trees. They were a symbol of divine energy and therefore arrangements were created to encompass the society as a whole. Imagine being able to accept or spurn the advances of a lover by presenting them with a crown of greenery. Birch was used in acceptance and hazel rejection.  Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making

It is thought, that the progression of hanging a wreath on the wall may have come from someone who was enthralled with their headdress and chose not to discard it, but to hang it for all to see.

In modern times, when someone mentions the word wreath, it is usually associated with Christmas; however, wreaths are a form of decoration found in households year round.

 Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making Some are a reflection of personal tastes or collections and some are reminders of special occasions or the seasons. Purchasing a wreath can be as easy as going to your local mall or as personal as making one yourself.

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