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Basics of Wreath Making

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Getting Started

Every wreath you make is your own creation whether you follow instructions from a book or use your own ideas. You will be the one choosing the colors, styles and materials used to complete your project. There are a few guiding thoughts that need to be considered before plugging in the glue gun.
1. Will this be a centerpiece or will it hang on the wall/door?
2. Is it a gift for someone else, or for your own home?
3. What type of theme - Christmas, Spring, Fall, Thanksgiving, or Kitchen. This can be an endless choice.
4. How big will it be?  Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making  Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making

This is not the end of the decision making. Once you have answered these four questions, you will then have to compile a list of materials to create your wreath and ensure you have the tools available to finish the job proberly. The basic tools may already be in your home and our Tools of the Trade list will guide you when you are looking for them.

 Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making Regardless of what you are going to do with your wreath, it needs to have a good foundation. This base has to be sturdy enough to hold the adornments you wish to attach. The other consideration is, will the base be a part of the visual effect of the finished product? It also should be tested to see if glue from a glue gun will adhere to it or melt it and is the tacky glue you want to use going to adhere to it or will it corrode the base. These tests are especially necessary with any foam products.

 Comfy Country Creations articles about wreath making Bases are made of a variety of materials. For your first project, you may wish to purchase your base; however, making bases from natural materials such as willow, straw and moss to name a few is not that difficult. Keep in mind that bases made from wire, whether single or two-dimensional and styrofoam are sturdier than a base made from natural fibers.

Styrofoam bases allow you the versitility of wrapping them completely with ribbon or materials of your choice which might even include making a spiced base for use in your kitchen.

Wire and styrofoam are usually covered completely with your choice of materials. There are styrofoam bases available that will hold water allowing you to make a living wreath from vines of ivy and other plants. The materials you use to construct your wreath, will determine the size of base you need. Pinecones, sea shells and other larger, heavier objects needs to have a larger base to ensure the finished project has a feeling of balance and that the base will hold the weight. Although bases that are made of thin, intertwined vines make nice backdrops for a wall wreath, they do not offer a lot of area in which to be able to afix items to. Hot glue tends to drip from these vines causing messy and unsightly strings and some materials because of weight will not stick. This does not mean you cannot use them. They will need a little extra planning in what type of materials you will attach to them. In finalizing the planning of your wreath, remember that once materials are added to your base, it may look as if it is brimming over. This is an indications that your base is too small or you have gotten carried away gluing materials on! Generally speaking, a finished wreath can be up to eight inches larger than the original base. The final weight will also determine whether the wreath you planned to hang over the mantle now has to become a centerpiece for the table!

To pass your hand made treasure to the next generation with the thought that they too, will pass it on to the next generation and so on will cause heads to shake. After all, for the most part, the items you will use to make your wreath will not withstand the test of time. The best suggestion is to give the next generation a copy of a wreath making book. Attach a note letting them know which ones you may have made and any tips you can pass on to make their wreath making easy and enjoyable. Enjoy your many seasons of wreath making.

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