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Acorn - life and immortality
Alyssum - worth beyond beauty
Amaryllis - pride
Apple - temptation
Aster - unpredictability
Azalea - take care of yourself for me
Bay - glory
Bittersweet - truth
Bluebell - constancy
Bouquet of Withered Flowers - rejected love
Cactus - endurance
Carnations - facination, pure love
Cattail - peace and prosperity
Cherry - good education, good manners and politeness
Chrysanthmum - you're a wonderful friend
Columbine - folly
Cornflower - great happiness
Crocus - cheerfulness
Daffodil - you're the only one
Dahlia - pomp
Daisy - innocence
Fennel - flattery
Fern - magic
Fir - time
Flax - domesticity
Forget Me Not - memories
Gardenia - you're lovely, secret love
Gladiolus - sincerity
Grass - submission
Heather -(lavender) admiration, (white) protection, wishes will come true
Holly - defense, strength
Hollyhocks - ambition
Honeysuckle - generous affection
Hop - injustice
Hyacinth - games and sports
Iris - my compliments
Ivy - friendship
Jasmine - amiability
Jonquil - love me
Larkspur - infidelity
Lavender - distrust
Lilac - first emotions of love
Lotus - I admire you greatly
Magnolia - nobility
Mint - wisdom
Mistletoe - kiss me
Moss - maternal love
Myrtle - love and marriage
Mock Orange - deceit
Narcissus - self
Orange Blossoms - innocence
Orchid - refinement
Palm Leaves - triumph
Pansy - thoughts, rememberance
Parsley - rejoice
Peony - happy marriage
Petunia - I am calmed by your
Phlox - unanimity
Pine - hope
Pineapple - you are perfect
Potentilla - maternal love
Primrose - you are my life
Raspberry - remorse
Rose - (see A Rose Means)
Rosemary - rememberance
Rue - grief
Snapdragon - total indifference
Stock - bonds of affection
Spider Flower - let's elope
Sunflower - cheerfulness, pride
Sweetpea - farewell
Sweet William - gallantry
Thyme - activity
Water Lily - purity of heart
Weeping Willow - mourning
Zinnia - (mixed) thoughts of absent friends

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